Monthly  Newsletter
Collaboration Opportunities:
A few Ensable members have expressed interest in collaborating on a few opportunities. I have included these below with a brief introduction from the partner:

- KSL: Message from Roger: I have a unique application that KSL needs, but I need help with the relationship. Please feel free to call/email me at...
Recent Acquisitions:
When two companies come together, there is always a need for an expert to help consolidate and scale their assets.

- Ascend Learning: acquired Kognito on 10/26/2017
New Venture Capital:
Investing in the right technology will be the best way for companies to spend their venture capital.

- Kymera Therapeutics: was approved to receive venture capital on 10/30/2017 (Series A $3,000,0000)
Executive Changes:
It's estimated that 70% of an executive's budget is spent in the first six months on the job.

- Allegis Group: Salema Rice recently left Allegis Group where Salema Rice worked as Chief Data & Analytics Officer
Upcoming Offie Moves:
Based on public leasing reports, the following companies may be moving soon:

- Esterline: There is a 67% chance that Esterline will likely be moving from their address at 500 108th Avenue NE Bellevue, WA 98004
Security Vulnerabilities:
Server/Website vulnerabilities can be an easy way to initiate a security discussion with prospects

- Allergan: The server information for is public and should be kept private
New Data Center Provider
When your prospects switch data centers, this is usually a great opportunity to explore SD-WAN and discussions about why they switched providers.

- Dojo Karate: moved their web servers from AWS to Liquid Web
Custom Leads
After reviewing the website plugins, job postings, and DNS records of the companies you are monitoring for your custom keywords, here is what we have found:

- Balance & Harmony: added CloudFlare CDN (one of your custom lead preferences) to their website:
Upcoming Port Dates:
Your customer's "Port Date" typically represents the date their phone service and contract was implemented.

- Adecco Staffing: (502) 732-0450 was ported on 2012-05-02
Blacklisted Prospects
Prospects are usually more interested in switching email providers when they know they're blacklisted.

- IRIO Mobile Marketing: was recently blacklisted on:,,
Slow Web Servers:
Cloud computing discussions are easier if your prospects are losing customers due to slow websites.

- Cargill: The website for Cargill ( is performing much slower than normal.
New Software Applications:
New applications can become a great opportunity to sell UCaaS and or SD-WAN to help optimize application integrations and access to these applications.

- FMC Corporation: added Apple iWeb to their website:
- Washington Trust Bank: added Symantec to their DNS records
Call Center Opportunities:
When companies are hiring contact center reps, this is a signal that one: they have a call center and two: this call center needs more head count. Before they hire this next employee, it may be a good opportunity to discuss workforce optimization using cloud based contact center technologies.

- Buildingstars: recently posted a job for a new contact center rep (Call Center Director)
IT Security Opportunities:
With nearly one million IT security job openings in the marketplace, many companies looking for IT security professionals end up paying too much for someone who is underqualified to handle today's security threats. Outsourcing their security needs will not only provide a better solution, but at a much lower cost.

- Zyston: recently posted an IT security job (Threat and Vulnerability Mgmt Lead)
General IT Opportunities:
IT jobs can be a wealth of information. Often times the challenges/needs listed in these jobs would be better addressed via managed services.

- Magento: posted an IT job (Sr. Network Engineer).
Desktop Support Opportunities:
While managing desktops is crucial to your prospect's business, it usually ends up on the bottom of the IT Manager's to do list. Outsourcing desktop support via Virtual Desktops or a dedicated team is usually a better choice for your customer.

- Donnelley Financial Solutions: recently posted a desktop support job (Desktop Technician)
Fiber Construction Projects:
When fiber is laid, it also introduces your customers to new options and conversations. Be the first to share these options with your clients before someone else does.

- TrustBank: WOW Business is planning a fiber construction project at 401 Park St Cisne, IL 62823 where TrustBank is located
Company Growth:
When companies have a significant hiring stack within a market, it typically means one of two things: New office and or expansion.

- Cutera: is experiencing significant job growth in Brisbane, CA
Natural Disasters:
While your customers may have avoided previous natural disasters, it only takes one to destroy a business.

- Tammany Parish Hospital: Weather forecast predict a major ligthning storm tomorrow near Tammany Parish Hospital in Covington, LA
Company News:
When your prospects appear in the news, it creates a unique opportunity to gain new perspectives and new angles to lead with.